Smashing Christmas Parties in the Heart of Banff

Have a Smashing Christmas Party in Banff!

Is the holiday season an increasing source of anxiety for you? Are questions like: “Is a lime green and fuchsia 1980s ski sweater appropriate party wear? Or most importantly: "Will everybody know if I only spend $5.99 on the twenty dollar gift exchange?”  It never ends...  thankfully, answering these questions and throwing great parties are what we live for.  Christmas at the Balkan Restaurant is our favorite time of the year.  We have only one goal over the holidays, to have fun!

Just like Santa’s crazy elvish labour force, The Balkan Restaurant can take care of any corporate party needs and set your mind at ease this Christmas. Greece and Santa go together like rum and eggnog.  It seems absurd; but, tastes delicious.  Our talented kitchen team headed by the Queen of Christmas, Joanna Karlos, take pride in creating fresh holiday feasts. Famous favorites like our 12-hour slow roasted lamb shank, baked stuffed chicken breasts, fantastic seafood delicacies, certified Angus steaks, spicy feta dips and sweet baklava cheesecake are sure to make tastebuds dance a yuletide jig. 

Christmas at The Balkan Restaurant is not some mysterious creature only appearing in grainy old super-eight videos.  It is a way of life over the entire month of December.  The scintillating sways of local bellydancer Hala Jamal and Meysa will warm even the coldest of winter nights.  The Balkan’s extensive menu of fantastic wines, cold beers and delicious hand mixed cocktails will help all noses reach that Rudolph-like glow by the end of a merry evening of socializing and feasting.

With prices for three course dinners from $30 and up even good ol' Ebenezer would be inviting all of London for such a great deal. 

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Happy holidays,

Stavros and Yannis Karlos